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Hello everyone,

My name is DIDEOLU Osunkoya. I am a Veterinary Surgeon, Theriogenologist, Teacher and Researcher.

Career vision: To be a veterinary professional dedicated to sustainable animal production for human health & development; through optimal animal reproduction, efficient disease management & applied research; with the aim of contributing to national food security & alleviating endemic poverty.

I earned my DVM degree with distinction in Veterinary Reproduction (Theriogenology) in 2012 from University of Ibadan & also a MVSc degree in Veterinary Reproduction as a University Scholar in 2016.

I was a recipient of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dean's Roll of Honour for Outstanding Academic Performance in 2013.

I am presently a Postgraduate Teaching & Research Scholar at the Department of Theriogenology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

I can be reached on:



DIDEOLU Osunkoya

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