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X-WOW is a social enterprise aiming to establish an digital diagnostic network to erase pathology’s borders which allows pathologists from all around the world to make diagnostic decisions together digitally, remotely, rapidly and confidently, through easily accessible digital pathology solutions.

This all started when one day we suddenly realised a cruel fact – any advancement in digital pathology is useless to those who can’t afford the equipment to produce whole-slide images for analysis. That’s why we created X-WOW to make digital pathology equipment easier to access for pathologists in underprivileged labs to improve cancer diagnosis.

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To do that, we have numbers of solutions:

Cost Effective Digital Pathology Solution, X-WOW whole slide imaging system: a camera piece that turns a microscope into an intelligent whole slide scanner.

Retired microscope/scanners Back to Shine: we re-home retired microscopic equipment to support pathologists in need.

X-WOW Initiatives: connecting pathologists and students in need and those who can help, through social impact online events and X-WOW funded organisation in Africa, Science Kids ClubFuture Vet Pathologists Club

X-WOW Consultation Without Border: a platform to turn knowledge into a source of income.


And More...


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