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Kids Science Club

X-WOW has been funding Kids Science, aimed at helping the founder, Akpan Friday, to achieve his dream of offering a science outreach to kids in schools in deprived areas to give them better exposure on the use of a microscope, and to help them become great future scientists especially in the field of microbiology.


Akpan Friday

Founder of Kids Science Club

I am Akpan M. Friday and I study Microbiology at the University of Abuja. Since microbes and their activities now affect the daily decisions of everyone in the society, there is therefore an urgent need to envision the development of basic microbiology knowledge in kids at schools and to the general public to attain microbial literacy. In a quest to envision basic microbiology knowledge in kids and provide access to quality science education, I founded X-WOW science kids club. With this, we aim to inspire more young scientists to fight infectious diseases that are not only a health issue but have become a social problem posing a global threat with enormous consequences in the world we live in.


Okwori Isaiah Abowoicho

Okwori Isaiah Abowoicho is a 2nd year student of Microbiology in the University of Abuja, Nigeria. As a Microbiologist, his utmost priority is to drastically deteriorate the activities of pathogenic microorganisms which poses severe threat to the well being of the general public. He is also very zealous and keen on imparting the society through mentoring and equipping young ones with fundamental tools that would influence positively their perspectives on core societal values as well as inspire their minds towards creativity, and valid innovations. He hopes to achieve this milestone through constant learning, research and innovations.


Okezie Promise Chinonso

Okezie Promise Chinonso is a 2nd year student in the University of Abuja. He has shown great interest in going above and beyond his civic duties to contribute to removing barriers and improving access to quality education for children and young people in Nigeria. He serves as a solution -provider to the many numerous problems around him, making substantial changes in society by teaching and enlightening young individuals particularly about science. He seeks to achieve quality science education for all, gradually ensuring sustainability of the Sustainable development Goals.


Gabriel Favour

Gabriel Favour is a 2nd student in the university of Abuja. She is an inquisitive optimist, ready to make impact by finding out new ways/strategies on combating the challenges in her Society. She intends to discover scientific methods of using natural resources to improve the health requirements of people. She has constantly shown a burning desire to render selfless services to the young and vulnerable in her country.

Virtual Microbiology Lectures Without Borders

Created by the Kids Club members aiming to invite lecturers, teachers, students to support microbiology students in Nigeria via zoom meetings during the lock down. 

Lecture 1 : Intro to Microbiome, by Michael Hirsch

Lecture 2: Microbial Growth and Reproduction by Jeffery Letourneau

Lecture 3: Microbial Metabolism by Jeffery Letourneau

Lecture 4: Microscopes for microbiologists by Beth Mills

download lecture note

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