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X-WOW Lecture Without Borders

Are you an expert in medicine willing to inspire future scientists, or be inspired? At X-WOW we aim to connect passionate students and professionals no matter where they come from through online lectures! Whether you are an enthusiastic medical expert, or a talented scientist, if you are willing to make a difference and give a lecture, please click here to learn more about the audience and submit an enquire form.


If you would like to attend a lecture, please scroll down.

These events are part-funded by Royal College of Pathologists' Public Engagement Grant.

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Upcoming Lectures

[READ THIS] Use this form to register for an event, please make sure you register to this event with the correct details to receive a certificate of participation. If the page is not responding after clicking on the 'Register' button please be patient, depending on your internet speed you may wait for up to a minute.

  • Lecture by Dr Kate Hughes (University of Cambridge)
    Mon, 19 Oct
    X-WOW Online Lectures
    In this talk I will explore some interesting facets of mammary gland biology and pathology. We will discuss mastitis in ruminants and mammary tumour formation in domestic species and we will examine some key unanswered questions that provide interesting research challenges.
  • X-WOW Lecture by Dr Paul Finnemore
    Wed, 16 Sept
    X-WOW Interactive Zoom Lecture
    This presentation will summarise the main ethical considerations around the use of animals in research, and will illustrate with examples where veterinary surgeons are able to contribute.
  • Need for Veterinary Involvement in the Airline Industry
    Sun, 30 Aug
    X-WOW Zoom Lecture
    During the presentation, we will discuss how having veterinary involvement in the airline industry could benefit animal welfare.
  • Careers in Veterinary Pathology
    Wed, 12 Aug
    X-WOW Zoom Lecture
    The different careers available in veterinary pathology (clinical and anatomic pathology positions in academia, toxicologic pathology, research and diagnostic laboratories). Find out what we do every day, why we chose to work in veterinary pathology and what we like about it.
  • Parasites: Friends or Foe? Seeing through the eyes of a long-term partner.
    Tue, 04 Aug
    X-WOW Zoom Lecture
    Who a veterinary parasitologist is and what roles they play in disease control; Some of the significant parasitic diseases that affect our beloved patients; How veterinary parasitologists fits into the grand scheme of the one health initiative.
  • Veterinary Public Health and zoonoses
    Fri, 31 Jul
    X-WOW Zoom Lecture
    COVID19 is the latest zoonotic disease to become a global pandemic. The presentation will primarily address the questions: how do zoonotic diseases emerge and what can we do to prevent them?
  • Veterinary Pathology Demystified, by Dr Aleksandra Zuraw
    Tue, 21 Jul
    Zoom Online Lecture
    Online lecture by Dr Aleksandra Zuraw, toxicologic pathologist and publisher at the Digital Pathology Place to introduce what do veterinary pathologists do and how they contribute to “one health” and drug development.
  • The Clinical Club
    Thu, 16 Jul
    X-WOW Zoom Lecture
    Join this interactive small animal medicine themed clinical club, have a chat about interesting and unusual medicine cases.
  • Rational Antibiotic Use In Cats And Dogs, by Fergus Allerton
    Mon, 29 Jun
    Zoom Online Lecture
    Development of multi-drug resistance in bacteria poses a serious threat to both animal and human health. Important questions including when antibiotics are necessary, how to optimise antibiotic selection and how to share this message with colleagues and clients, will be addressed.
  • Introduction to Forensic Veterinary Medicine and Pathology, by Dr Winsome Eu
    Mon, 22 Jun
    Zoom Online Lecture
    This presentation will give an overview of what forensic veterinary medicine and pathology is (and what it’s not!), the practice of both, and some case reports.
  • Neuropathology in Ruminants by Dr Francesca Chianini
    Wed, 03 Jun
    Online Webinar (read 'About' below)
    Organised by Future Vet Pathologists Club (WeCare: and Dr Francesca Chianini from Moredun Research Institute to deliver a remote lecture on neuropathology to support vet students in Nigeria. Please contact us to access the recorded lecture.
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