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About X-WOW Kitchen Lab

Have you reached to a point where old-fashioned kitchen equipment is the main reason that limit your creativity? At X-WOW, we aim to make next generation equipment easily accessible to everyone around the world, including ambitious chefs like you! Keep reading and contact us to learn more 

X-WOW Fat Separator

Widely used for biomedical labs but can be used for food processing, such as separating fruit pulp, or milk fat

Centrifuge capacity:100ml x 4 (or many other options)

Speed: 0-4000r / min.

Time: 0-99min,

Relative centrifugal force: 0-2100xg.

Other features:

Digital display screen and Automatic protection function

X-WOW Stirrer Stove

Widely used for biomedical labs but also perfect for slow cooking, such as your favorite mulled wine for Christmas

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