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X-WOW has been funding Future Vet Pathologists Club, aimed at helping the founder, Blessing Oyeleye, to achieve his dream of providing education on diagnostic veterinary pathology to high school and pre-university students to help them become great future scientists especially in the field of pathology

Meet The Team

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Founder, Team Leader

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Oyeleye Blessing Simon is a 4th year Veterinary Medical Student in the University of Abuja, Nigeria. He is passionate about building a career in relation to One Health and Global Health by rendering services in public health and prevention of zoonoses through Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology. He is a young man with leadership qualities, a passion for transferring knowledge and positively influencing his local community. He conducts classes for High School and Pre-University Students tutoring them on how to use microscope in diagnosis of diseases (Diagnostic Pathology)

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Ogar Michael Oshen is a 4th year student in the University of Abuja, Nigeria. His greatest passion in life is to make impact in the lives of people. There's an adage that says "knowledge/information is power ". His utmost desire is to share his knowledge with others and of which he has demonstrated by tutoring high school students and as well fresher's in the University. He is passionate about building a career in relation to one health and global health by rendering services in public health and prevention of Zoonoses through diagnostic veterinary pathology. He is a young man full with enthusiasm and leadership qualities willing and ready to work and learn

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Obiajulu Gift Chiamaka is a 4th year veterinary medical student in the university of Abuja. She is passionate about finding answers to zoonotic diseases and in the best possible way alleviating the pains brought by these diseases to man. She is also empathic about less privileged individuals with burning desire to learn especially in the science world. She intends to use all available means to help bring young dreams to reality and above all write her name on the sands of time.

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Donken Ikwe.

AJOGI, Donken Ikwe is a 4th year Veterinary Medical Student in the University of Abuja, Nigeria. He is enthusiastic about animal welfare and contributing his quota into making a difference in the life of others therefore consciously changing his society. Providing quality knowledge on the prevention of diseases through Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology is a field in which he has great interest. His leadership qualities and passion to represent value to the world is inspiring. He strongly believes that the world doesn't change due to the presence of a single knowledgeable person but due to the consistent transfer of knowledge to one another. Therefore, he conducts tutoring sessions with students teaching them on how to use a microscope in the diagnosis of diseases.

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Oluwakanyinsola Grace

Oke Oluwakanyinsola is a Veterinary Medical student in her 3rd year in the University of Abuja, Nigeria. A young girl with intimate passion for research work in surgical and clinical pathology. She is involved in health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness. Her overall goal is generally to enhance the welfare of both humans and animals She has a teachable Spirit, always ready to learn and is passionate about training young students and exposing them to opportunities in the field of public health and preventive medicine. She has a fantastic team spirit. She is also skilled in entrepreneurship, problem solving and effective communication.

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