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There are numbers of way to make a contribution to the 'Retired Microscope Back to Shine' Initiative

Option 1: 

If you have retired microscopes, whole slide scanners, or accessories taking up your space, if throwing them away or leave them in the garage seems a bit of waste, why not let us know, we will provide you where it can go to make a big difference in people's lives. 

Option 2:

Some labs that we are donating a whole slide scanners to do not always have pathologists on site to provide diagnostic report. If you are a qualified pathologist and willing to help with the diagnostic tasks remotely through digital slides, please let us know.

Option 3: 

Financial contribution is also very welcomed! Any donation we receive will be go toward transporting the equipment to its destination. 

Option 4:

Transportation, installation and maintenance of the equipment require professional help. If you or anyone you know is willing to provide advice or service, please let us know.

Option 5:

Every little helps! Give a talk, provide some educational materials, anything will help massively.

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