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X-WOW Coursework Competition

Thank You for attending the previous lecture

 The Clinical Club

by Fergus Allerton& Andrew Kent

To help you strengthen your memory,

we would like to test what you have learnt. 

Please use this page to submit your coursework 

Scroll Down to learn more

Now that you've attended the lecture and received your certificate, guess what? there is a coursework! At the bottom of this page you’ll find the rules and an online form that you can fill in to participate the competition. After the submission deadline we will review all the coursework received and select 10 submissions with the best quality. For those who are selected, they will receive a 'Certificate of Best Coursework'.


Should you wish to participate, please read the following rules very carefully:


1. Please summarise:

a.What you have learnt after the lecture?

b.What impact has been made to your study?

c.What further study you have planned? 

2. What make it best is the quality of creativity, originality, details, error-free and you must avoid plagiarism. For example, you should try to include as much details as possible, as personal as possible to increase the chances to be selected, please make sure to include at least 200 words but no longer than 400 words.

3. Please note we are unable to offer any feedback unless the submitted coursework delivers exceptional quality.

4. The current competition is due on the 23th June 2020 BST 1pm, any coursework submitted after the deadline will not be considered for the competition.

5. Everyone is welcomed to participate.  

If you didn't attend the lecture, you can watch the recorded event by clicking on the thumbnail below. Please kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel :)


Submit your coursework here

Thanks for submitting!

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