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How Do I Make a Contribution to the 'Retired Microscope Back to Shine' Initiative?

If you have retired microscopes, whole slide scanners, or accessories taking up your space, if throwing them away or leave them in the garage seems a bit of waste, why not email us the details and pictures. We will provide you where it can go to make a big difference in people's lives.


We will cover the cost for shipping and packaging! Most Importantly, this will become a story about how YOU have made a difference by donating the equipment that was no longer being used, to someone else who can use it to save lives. We will share your contribution to the world the best we can on our website and social media pages, to encourage more people to follow.  

If you would like to donate your equipment, we are easy to find. Please simply email us at, or use the contact form, or visit our Twitter page.


We also welcome financial sponsorship, please use                 ,or contact us!

Before you go, here are some of the images we have received from the very kind people who have donated their retired equipment.

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Lisa Stephens

Lisa Stephens

THREE Aperio Scanners from Cleveland Clinic!

Aleksandra Żuraw

Aleksandra Żuraw

The very first supporter!

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