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What Happens When Our Loved Ones Had Cancer?

 Potentially there will be 6 weeks waiting time for a diagnosis


As you already know, X-WOW is establishing a digital diagnostic network to erase pathology’s borders. Eventually this will allow pathologists from all around the world to make diagnostic decisions together digitally, remotely, rapidly and confidently, through easily accessible digital pathology solutions, which are:


“X-WOW whole slide imaging system”

A low cost camera unit that turns a microscope into an intelligent whole slide scanner.


“X-WOW Initiatives”

An scheme to donate microscopic equipment to low income pathologists so they can be part of the game.


“Digital Diagnostic Platform”

An online platform to connects pathologists in need and those who can help, for diagnostic purpose. 


We have already developed an online platform that is currently being tested, however, it still need some works until we can make it available for you. If you are interested to make a contribution, whether they are expert advice, or financial support, we will be much appreciated! Please kindly contact us to know more.

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