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Our professional student microscope features an all-metal body that is paired with optical glass lenses. These lenses hold the ability to magnify 40x~400x, and a cordless LED light source. Making it easier for students to set it up in any preferred space and get started on their scientist journey.


The microscope has a great deal to offer starting with its monocular head that features a 360 degrees rotatable system, paired with WF-10X eyepiece. Along with quadruple nosepiece that comes with a click stop, and achromatic objective zoom. It's integrated double-layered mechanical stage allows for easy slide view, and so much more. All of this is powered by 3 AA batteries for cordless use and a 110 to 240C adapter.


- Size: 16x11x31cm

- Net Weight: 1.9kg

- Color: White & Black

Professional Student Microscope

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