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If you simply wish to donate one to a school in Africa, please contact us for more details.


Children are naturally curious about the world around them. That’s why at X-WOW, we want to make microscopic equipment available to underprivileged children, and help them discover new and exciting things.


This opens up a new microscopic world to those who may never have had a chance in their lifetime. Now they can explore, form science clubs and educate themselves to be future scientists to fight deadly diseases and make discoveries.


We proudly present “X-WOW Future Collection”. For every microscope you purchase, we will donate one to a school in Africa. The “X-WOW Future Collection” includes everything you need to start your exciting journey. It is not just some common toy, but fun, educational and made of top-quality materials that can be treasured for years to come. With up to 1000X magnification, it creates fascinating personal up-close experiences with microbes, pathogens, plants, insects and animals. The collection also includes a portable X-WOW Smartphone Adapter, which fits any smartphone and helps you to easily capture these wonderful moments  as pictures or videos for sharing, discussion and further analysis. 


It also includes lab preparation tools and professionally made slides With each collection that you purchase; you will automatically receive 10 monthly learning kits for FREE! Each monthly learning pack includes 2 special slides with interesting knowledge and fun facts explained by real pathologists! A perfect present for birthdays, graduation and Christmas! It will generate endless fun and inspirations for all ages and all family members. Even grandpa will love it!


Our “Buy 1 Donate 1” project will use the profits from each “Future Collection” sold to donate a microscope to a school in need in Africa. A lovely picture drawn by children from one of our free X-WOW Kids Science Clubs will be sent to you as appreciation for your gift. You have the potential to help hundreds of children take a deeper look at the unseen microscopic world. Their world will change because of your purchase. Consider buying your “X-WOW Future Collection” today. Together, we can make the difference!


(please note, due to current situation caused by covid19 there will be delay to ship the microscope, please contact us before you buy)

X-WOW Future Collection (Buy 1 Donate 1 + free 10 Monthly Learning Pack)

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