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Please note: this is product comes with 2 parts

X-WOW Whole Slide Imaging Software Professional Edition

High End Area Scanning Camera (our software also compatible with many other cameras. Contact us for more details)

Shipping world-wide, price includes tax and delivery 

The price is negotiable, please contact us at


(Before you buy!) Please note, You will need:

A trinocular microscope with a camera port and a camera c-mount adapter

A high-end computer with 64bits Windows/USB 3.0,

Please contact with us to check if both your microscope and PC meet the minimum system requirement.


Optionally, you can purchase the following componants from us:

Extra function which allows you to share slide instantly from your own computer

subscription fee (1 year) £1190.00 


Please note the price we offer is slightly lower than the retail price. We usually price match to make sure you get the best deal from us. Most important it will help us make more microscopes availble in deprived areas, and your support will be achknowledged. Our previous projects can be found at: 



Product details:

Our whole slide imaging system offers real-time microscopic panorama stitching technology. The system offers real-time results in a matter of seconds so you can scan conventional glass slides and product digital slides.


The most recent technology available in slide imaging and scanning designed to ensure quick and effective results. Once you have scanned the slide it can easily be shared with medical departments all around the world in a matter of minutes.


With this compact WSI system, you will be able to capture, store and share the glass slides digitally and enjoy high-resolution images that can be displayed on any monitor or screen. Making diagnosing and teaching processes easier.


- Feature: Slide Scanning

- Convert: Slide to Digital File

- Connection: View & Share Instantly from your laptop 


The all-in-one system will be delivered to you in 15-30 days. Please get in touch if you already own any of the componants to recieve a customised quote.  


Visit for sample scans

X-WOW Whole Slide Scanning System

  • 1. The software requires a Windows 64bits system with USB 3.0 port, the hardware requirement is


     Hardware    Minimum Configuration  Recommended Configuration
     CPU  Intel Core i3 Dual Core 3000, 4000, 6000 series  Intel Core i5 or i7 Quad Core 4000/6000/7000/8000 series
     RAM  4 GB  16 GB
     DISK 500GB Standard Harddrive   512GB Solid State Drive
     Display  Resolution 1600 x 900 pixels  23"  Display / 1920x1080 pixels (good)
     27" Display / 2560x1440 pixels (better)
     32" Display / 3840x2160 pixels (best)
     Operating System  Win7 64bit SP1  Windows 10 64bit



    If you are not sure whether your computer meets the minimum requirements, please let me know your computer specifications and we can check it for you.  


    In addition to the computer specifications, please click here to download a questionnaire and it to us at This form will help us understand the application and the microscope you have so we can make sure the default camera will work nicely. 

    Our software also compatible with many other cameras, we are happy to provide a free trial license if you already own any of the camera, visit this link to see a list of camera we are supporting.

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