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Let’s Say “Thank You” to Olaleke!

There are kind people in this world. There are loving people in this world. There are unselfish and giving people in this world. There are wayshowers and those who light the path for others and they do so without any expectations. One of these amazing human beings, Olaleke, a Nigerian Pathologist. 


With no thought for himself, Olaleke selflessly and tirelessly shares pathology material and information that allows all of us to learn and benefit from in our own work. He is not being paid for this, nor does he expect any recompense or accolades. He is a consummate teacher.

Teachers come in many forms. They tirelessly offer what they have learned to anyone who wishes to absorb their knowledge. They inspire hope, spark the imagination and instill a yearning that constantly seeks more. 


Countless professionals have benefited from the knowledge Olaleke has offered, isn’t it the greatest example to be a good pathologist! We had a chat and realised he could use a personal microscope to encourage medical students to decide on pathology as a career.

It really rare to meet people like Olalek and he deserve a present! We wanted to use the momentum to encourage more people like him, timing was important, so we ordered the microscope first thing in the morning and it arrived less than 2 weeks with express deliver. We also setup a gofundme page to invite people who would like to contribute to thank him for the great work, the goal is £1 but we managed to get £120, that is 12000% successful! 


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By the way, do you like the caricature we made for Olelake?


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