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IHC advice for high grade mesenchymal tumour

We have recently learnt that one of Dr Olaleke Folaranmi's patients in Nigeria had high grade mesenchymal tumour, however IHC and digital pathology is not available.

The blocks just arrived to us and we are making plans for the IHC tests and whole slide scanning.


As always, X-WOW will cover all the cost. But we need your help with the decisions.


Here we have nephrectomy specimen from a young adult female who presented with haematuria, abdominal pain and loss of weight.

Initial idea (based on the differentials)
1. Cytokeratins (to rule out sarcomatoid carcinoma)
2. S100
3. Soft tissue work up Desmin, SMA, CD34, myogenin or MyoD1

Please see the original post on twitter: click here

Please see the H&E whole slide images below:

Please kindly share your opinions to confirm the IHCs need to be done.

To submit a report is simple, please register an account on X-WOW Consultation Without Borders (click here), create a service page and send us a custom offer ($0 if you would like to volunteer).

To read our story with Dr Olaleke Folaranmi, please see this article on The Pathologists magazine: click here.

We would appreciate your opinions!

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