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The Affordable 


Please note this is still in beta testing. We are looking for 2 volunteers to help us improve. 

Please email us before you make an order. UK only

Step 1:

Select monthly subscription and start receiving random biology slides every 2 weeks.

IMG_20190207_111728 - Copy.jpg

  • Every month
    The Slide Kit
    • 2 random microscopic slides every 2 weeks
    • Microscope slide mailer case (2 slides)

Step 2:

Need a microscope but they are expansive? Hire one from us at no extra cost. A small deposit is required, and it's refundable as long as you keep the microscope in good condition.


Step 3:

Follow your curiosity, find a passion, and start your journey as a scientist. Remember to share your discoveries!

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You can cancel anytime, simply contact us, decorate the original package and return the microscope so its journey will continue. The slides are yours to keep so you can inspire the others!

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