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Since Dec 2018 we donated 7 microscopes. Here are the 4 greatest stories we would like to proudly share with you, from oncologist, pathologist, cancer patient & microbiologist. To see our latest work, please visit our twitter page 😊

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Retired Microscope Back to Shine

We created this movement to help these 'retired equipment' get back to labs and schools in deprived countries, to help those who believe they can change the world with the right tools.


Magic Wand

In March 2019, we organised a fundraiser to provide Prof Elizabeth Molyneux a 'magic wand', a special microscopic scanning device to help her improving diagnosis service for young cancer patient in Malawi with colleagues from 7,400 miles away.

Thank you


In June 2019, we sent a microscope to Olaleke, a kind-hearted Nigerian pathologist, to thank him for sharing great educational content on twitter and to help him encourage African medical student to choose pathology as a career

Finelia's Dream

A young cancer patients, Finelia from Malawi, painted a picture of her dream job when she grows up: 'I wish to become a police officer'. We brought her dream to the UK and tried to encourage as many people as possible to help make her dream come true, including entrepreneurs, pathologists, and a member of parliament, scientists.


In Feb 2019, we met Akpan who told us that most children in Nigeria never ever get to use educational materials to study microbiology properly, instead, pupils lean in abstract. Since then, we have seen the real passion how he wish to make a difference to improve the quality of education in Africa, so we created this page to make next-generation whole slide digital biology samples freely available to solve this problem, and we named it 'Akpan's Magic Microscope', to help him achieving the dream.

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